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Brain Candy - Have fun with your brain. Collections of riddles, Insults, quotations, quotes, jokes, poems, song lyrics, word play, mind games.

Bert is Evil- Evidence that Bert, from Sesame Street fame, is very evil. Funny, but the site is getting more and more explicit each day. View at your own discretion.

Percy the Chicken- Follow the adventures of Percy the Chicken and dragon friend Tim. Not only are the cartoons wacky and funny, but this is also the site of our cartoonist! Check it out! Daily cartoons about, well, doodie!

The Romp- A variety of funny flash cartoons

Clubside- Free Filth! Humor, Satire, and a Boatload of Shenanigans by and for Drunken Deviants Everywhere

Strange Breed- Strange Breed is a cartoon series about anything and everything -- from the bizarre and weird to a slight twist on every day boring, mundane life.



Percy the Chicken is the site of our cartoonist!  Check it out!!!








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