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You've been hurt, misused, disrespected, or abused.  We all have at one point in our lives.  But now, with the assistance of, you have an avenue to let that "(un) special someone" know exactly how you feel. We help our customers release that emotional baggage, enjoy victory, and have a hell of a laugh doing it!

Do you know someone who has a real problem with hygiene, people skills, or something else? Maybe you want to help them in a non-offensive way? -OR- Maybe you want to humiliate them? Both can be achieved here!

Alas, you have the last laugh!  Victory is yours!  You no longer have to let people trample over you without giving  something back! helps you enjoy vengeance in an entertaining and harmless way.  All  victims receive their "care package" anonymously! They will NEVER know who sent it!! 

This site is strictly for entertainment purposes. Of course, you already knew that.











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