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Revenge Stories #99

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Revenge Story #99

this happened while a bunch of friends and I had applied to be camp counselors during the summer of 2000.It was a camp for 12 year olds so we had alot of fun.

Apparently, this snob in school..which we all hated had also applied for the summer job. It was an appropriate time to get back at her. The first prank we played on her was when we all had our it was, the camp shower cubicles didn't have hooks to hang your towels and stuff so we all had to sling it across the door..while she was having her shower, we grabbed her clothing and towel and ran off with it..hiding them behind a bush in a secluded area. i guess she was left in the cubicle for ages before some one came in and realized she was stuck without anything to cover herself with

The next prank we played on her was the best..she happened to be a very heavy sleeper so anyone could walk around right in front of her without her knowing. We squirted toothpaste on her lips and we poured honey all around her sleeping body..we then dragged her mattress out into the open and left her there for the was pure sweet revenge when she woke up with ants and all sorts of bugs crawling around her body.

(Two stories for the price of one! I'll bet that she doesn't sleep as heavily anymore! Good job! Snobs have it almost as bad as telemarketers here at I wish I had something witty to say, but I'm kinda hungover from St. Patty's day. Whatever. . .--


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