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Revenge Stories #97

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Revenge Story #97

I have a revenge story, but not nearly as good as the ones on here....

One day I had found out that my husband and his female coworker/Best friend were having an affair. Constantly hounding them and asking them both if it was happening they both were adamant with their answers, almost like they were rehearsed, promising me and swearing they were just friends...Well, I still did not believe a word of what they said I decided to see for myself. So, I had a friend follow them and take pics and I got info I wanted....I don't need to tell you if they did or not....

One day he came in and told me that they were having a cookout at work and that I needed to go to the store and pick up some chips and Diet Pepsi and a bottle of Dew. So, I did just that and seen someone from his shift at the store; and they said that they didn't know there was a cookout and that he thought my husband was on vacation. (turns out he was) This was also the day before my birthday...

Well, To put it into short- I WAS T'D OFF BEYOND WHAT I EVER HAD BEEN W/O committing sudden death on the both of them. my thoughts were: Ok u play with fire...

So,I went to a drug store and bought 2 bottles of Ipecac Syrup and 2 bottles of the Liquid Laxatives, and opened the 2 liter bottles and put a bottle in each of them....Exactly, 2 hours after my husband left for work, he was coming back home....For some reason something made him deathly sick!

Needless to say I got Mine! And , it felt GREAT! :)

(Hey that is a great story! And very deserving of being posted. I think I'll call this update the "death update." I don't know what it is, but a lot of the submissions this month referenced death. However, in the month of "March Madness", I guess it's kinda fitting!--


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