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Revenge Stories #96

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Revenge Story #96

First off I want to say this site is the best one I have seen yet. I'm taking notes!

Now to begin this story I had gotten my dream job working at a library. I worked only a few hours during the day and at night, it was all mine. I was king! (well Queen actually, but it doesn't sound as powerful) My boss who hired me, was a great person. unfortunately, she left to take a better job at a different library in the same county. Enter the boss from hell.

Her name was (lets call her Carmen). She came sweeping in, and asked us to put down the hours we liked working most. She gave me nights, all right. And that was it. She cut me from 18 to 11 hrs a week. I knew I would be leaving eventually. I was on an SSD (social security disability) and on that, you can work up to nine months, without any loss of benefits. Quit one day before the 9th month and you're free and clear. You can't work again for X no. of years but so what?

I ran that library well. Everything that was supposed to get done, got done. I was the only person who could get the late list done in one day-this involves a lot of work, and I stayed late, no pay to do it. Which was cool for my boyfriend, who spent his time on the net while I worked, looking up the most perverted stuff he could find. And he found it all (with the exception of snuff films) and I know because I told him not to call me over unless he saw someone we knew, or something really sick.

So, I saw an ad in the local paper advertising a library clerk job (the title I held) full-time with benefits, etc. and I applied. I needed references. My old boss gave me a very good one. When I asked Carmen, if they contacted her she said, yes. I asked her what did you tell them? "The truth, she said" At that I knew she had F****d me over, but I wanted proof. I paid a visit to my ex-boss, who told me that Carmen had said to them that she had not worked with me long enough to give a reference. I had worked under her for 3 months! Needless to say, I did not get the job, because my boss refused to give me a reference. She sent people (other workers at said library her age) to check up on me.

One day, it was closing time and I and my boyfriend were there, and a boy who lived across the street. I let him stay past closing, so he could finish a project he was finishing. In came Carmen's top spy, with entire family 7 of them, to get a movie. They leave. 10 minutes later I get a call from Carmen. 18 minutes later the same spy returned, who says, "I just came back to che-(she cuts herself off) see if you needed any help closing." I said I was running the computer tapes, but there were books that needed shelving. Oh, she says, and leaves. The next day I get a warning about letting people stay after hours, and if it happens again I would be fired. Carmen, who usually can't wait to leave, says she is going to stay and change the videos around (which would put her there all night. When she walked away I called my boyfriend, and said pick me up now! he came, and I said," I quit." She said OK. (It was what she wanted) So I'm in my boyfriend's truck, and we leave.

the next night he went over, and said the place was a mess. And when I was there a week later the spy said to the replacement something about the net, along with "that's all the last one did was play on the net," I saw red, but revenge is best served cold, in some cases. And fortune was headed my way.

About 2 months after all this, I find out that Carmen's husband was killed in a head-on crash. They had some butt-ugly kids, so it was probably good for the gene pool. So, I waited until just before the next Valentine's Day, went to a site that has nothing but pictures of dead people, killed in various ways. I picked the most horrible and graphic ones of car accident victims. I printed them, pasted them on a paper heart as a collage, with the message, Do you remember the last time ever I saw your face-AT THE MORGUE! signed happy to be dead, because now I don't have to see you ugly face.

I sent this to her home address and used the main county library's address as a return. My spy, whom I sent to the library said the other women, whom he knew, said they heard she freaked, and missed work.And the B***h only missed 1 day when he died!

PS. I sent the Skunk Story. sign me, patience! (when it counts)

(Wow, that is some cold-hearted revenge. Possibly the most personal revenge yet. After all of that, my one burning question is. . .what is a "snuff film?" Sounds interesting.--


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