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Revenge Stories #94

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Revenge Story #94

Telemarketer tips.

#1 say that you're very interested in the product being pitched to you and ask if you can have their home phone number so that they can talk to you at a more convenient time. When they give their BS excuse say "Oh so you don't want to be bothered at home huh?" and hang up!

#2 when being harassed by a telemarketer Use the power of the #1 most annoying person, A pusher of religion. Ask them questions like where do you think your soul will go when you die? and freak them out by asking Have you ever considered surrendering your soul to all mighty Satan? The response should be rather entertaining.

Interesting gifts

#1 Acquire some small fish like a bluegill or sunfish. buy a teddybear big enough to put 2-4 fish in, also if possible get a bear with long and thick fur. Cut open the bear. stuff in DRIED fish (so in doesn't show up on the bear) sew up the cut, position the fur so that the stitches aren't seen. Send to victim and have fun.

#2 get an empty box of chocolates. take a polaroid of you or someone else urinating on the victims house or car. put your picture in the box. type out on a piece of paper "Something special from a special someone." print it out, attach it to the outside of the box and send. OR IF you have a scanner scan a pic of the ex's head. attach it to the pic of the person urinating on your ex's new flame's house. This will definitely put a dent in the road of their happy relationship HINTS: Make it look as real as possible. Make sure that the victim can easily Identify their car or house being peed on in the pic. If you don't have a scanner or digital camera to do this then DON'T SHOW YOUR FACE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET CAUGHT.

Two More Pranks

If you have a person's phone number, write it down, including the area code on every $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 you get. Spend them.

Got the victims address? send them A note supposedly from a real doctor at your local hospital. the letter should be about that a patient who has contracted the aids virus has named you as a past sexual partner please contact me (give doctors nameat the end) at (hospital name and number) in two days so that I can make arrangements for a blood test. This will drive them nuts untill they actually call.

that's all for now.

Hey I wonder If I hold the record for most submissions to this site?

(Again, you are Da MAN! Your tips are like Colt 45, they work every time! As far as the most submissions to the site, I'm not sure. But I do know what pro-wrestling hold has garnered the most submissions. . . The Figure-Four leg lock! A little FYI from us to you.--


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