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Revenge Stories #90

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Revenge Story #90

This one guy that i had been good friends with wanted to box me and i stupidly said ok thinking that it was a friendly thing. well he went for my left eye the entire time giving me a black eye(i can easily kick his A$$ he weighs 110 and me 175) so he told every one that we got in a fight and he beat my a$$ because i had a black eye and he didn't

well here is where it gets good i called all of the pest control people and heating people and any other service in the phone book and told them that he wanted an appointment at 7 am on saturday i also signed him up for about 10,000 dollars in magazine subscriptions so on 7 am on saturday about 15 vans showed up at his house demanding to be paid. i also called his credit card company and reported his credit cards stolen so he was permanently screwed credit wise.

very affective

(You know what you should've done? You should've just kicked his ass in front of everyone he told about the boxing! I do like your revenge, though. Nice job!--


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