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Revenge Stories #9

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Revenge Stories #9

Well, I'm hooked now and must share another revenge story that did not have a great outcome for me (the revenger).

While taking a shower in the communal bath at college, my dorm-mates snuck in and took my towel. I was forced to run naked down the hallway to my room, which of course was locked. That's about the end of it, except for my revenge.

Luckily for me, the two guys who stole my towel lived across the hall from each other. That night I snuck down the hall and tied a rope between their doorknobs. Then I ran the rope across the hall a second time to the doorknobs. Next I took a broom handle (perpendicular to the rope) and used it to twist the two strands of rope until the rope was so taut that neither guy could ever get out of his room.

Unfortunately, I forgot the duct tape with which to tape the broom handle (after turning it so that it is now parallel to the rope strands) to the rope. I had my accomplice hold the broom handle while I went to get the tape.

As I'm in my room picking up the tape, I hear two (nearly simultaneous) thunderous "BOOM" sounds. My accomplice had decided to twist the broom handle a couple more times and the doorknobs came flying out of the respective doors and right into the plaster walls--putting two huge holes in each. The whole dorm was awoken as it sounded just like two shots from a 45 Magnum revolver!

That one I had to pay for, but they only charged me $18 per hole. What a bargain!

(Yes, sometimes the revenger does get the "raw deal." It's true, it's true. Let's just make sure it doesn't happen too often, right? --


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