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Revenge Stories #89

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Revenge Story #89

I once made the mistake of dating a friend who should have stayed just a friend. I only went out with him as a desperate rebound anyway. He was cute and talented. He had long blonde hair and played the drums, which was two things he was very proud of.

After dating him for several months, I discovered that not only was he insanely jealous, terribly possessive, and excessively vain, but he was also a violent alcoholic. I was much younger then, so of course I was very gullible and naive. He convinced me that I deserved all the bad things that he said and done to me. Finally when he had mentally, physically, and emotionally used and abused me to the point that I could take it no more, I got rid of his ass. Weeks passed and I would sit in my room alone at night remembering, and re-thinking everything he said and did to me. I decided that if I was ever going to have any peace, I was going to have to get some revenge. It didn't take long for me to formulate a plan.

He harassed his ex-girlfriend the entire time I was dating him. He would prank call her house, or drive by it and throw empty beer bottles in her drive-way. Each time he did something to her he would say,"I'm going to wait about six months and go back and do something else. I'll never leave her alone." Looking back, I should've known something was terribly wrong, when he said that. I decided to use his own tactic against him.

About six months after he was gone, a friend of mine moved into his neighborhood. I'll call my friend James. James won him over, by going out and drinking with him. James never told him that we were friends. Another friend of mine, whom i'll call Jay, helped James aid me in my plan of revenge. The two of them took him out with a fifth of vodka I purchased for the mission. I called Jay's cell phone, to check in with them every half hour. The first time I called I heard James tell him in the back ground, "hit it like you've got a pair of nuts."I asked Jay if he had drank much. Jay laughed and replied, "yeah, about half the bottle's already gone!" When he passed out in Jay's backseat, they brought his limp drunken body, and the empty bottle to my house. I met them with a shiny pair of sharp, polished scissors!

I whacked all his beautiful, long, blonde hair, that he loved so much, right off! I cast a spell on him, using his hair as the main ingredient, which crippled him so badly that he'll never play drums, or hit people again!

Eric I hope you or someone you know reads this you punk! Guess who?

(Wow, I'm kinda scared. Crippling magic? Well, I guess he shouldn't have fu*ked with you. I have a bald head (actually two of them), does that mean I'm safe?--


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