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Revenge Stories #88

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Revenge Story #88

I guess you could use this as a revenge technique, but my friend says it works better on random people.

My friend from Indiana always talks about how he loves to go "pursing" with his friends. All you have to do is go buy a cheap purse from Wal-Mart or somewhere. Then, either put animal shit or do the honors yourself into the purse. Go to the local movie theater and find out when whatever popular movie gets out. Leave the purse on the sidewalk, but in a place where someone could easily access it without everyone seeing. Those indented concrete doorframes work.

It'll surprise you how many people put their hand in the purse without looking in hopes of some quick cash... well I guess you can figure the rest out.

(Pursing, huh? Good tip. That's what the theives get, a hand full of "booty." Take it easy.--


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