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Revenge Stories #87

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Revenge Story #87

first off I want to say how much I enjoy reading your site

Well there was this girl who was a total pain in my highschool. Her and her boyfriend were the perfect couple and were the most popular. They always were picking on the kids they considered to be "below them"

Well one day they started messing with my girlfriend and some of her friends. I had already dealt with their crap but the things they said about my girl upset her alot. So I decided it was no longer time to just ignore them. So I waited for the perfect time which ended up being prom night. That night most of the kids had rooms in the hotel where prom was held and most of them were drunk.

Well while walking down the hall someone told me that these two were passed out in a room down the hall with the door open so friends could get beer. So I got together some friends and we went their and closed the door. sure enough they were passed out on the bed. I mean they were gone. so we stripped them down and dumped honey all over them. then we proceeded to wrap them in the sheets together. we took all of there clothes left and closed the door behind us and put a do not disturb sign on the door. We also took their beer of course.

I later heard that there was so much honey and that they were like that for so long that they had to wobble to the shower together and shower together. Plus they both had to call their parents to bring them some clothes. Needless to say their parents weren't to happy finding them together naked in a hotel room.


(Great revenge! And nice job to grab the beer. Little did the girlfriend know that while she was passed out, she became a honey-nutt, cheery-hoe! Get it. . .nutt?--


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