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Revenge Stories #86

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Revenge Story #86

As if being in college isn't hard enough, try having a roommate from hell. I walked around the dorm on eggshells as to not disturb her. Once I forgot to tell that her boyfriend had called ( he called every 20 mins. anyway so what was the difference?), so she went and bought a "while you were out" message pads and left them by every phone. Her Goldfish died and she said actually told our other roommates that I killed it!

The kicker was when her boyfriend would come to town I would be kind enough to give them their privacy and sleep on the couch all weekend, sometimes during the week too. But do you think she would do the same when my boyfriend would come to town? NO!

So it was around Valentine's Day, and I knew he would be coming and as I prepared my things to move to the couch for the weekend I remembered a little tid bit someone told me. "If you put Visine in someone's drink it causes extreme diarrhea". So she left to pick him up at the train station, I squirted the entire bottle into her pitcher of tea. No one else was allowed ti drink it but her.

As I sat on the couch working on homework all weekend, I giggled every time the two of them would run back and forth the bathroom! She never found out!

(Hey one IMPORTANT note: Too much Visine can be a DEADLY POISON, seriously. I a doctor emailed me and I took down the previous Visine story. However, I do think it is very hilarious that your anal retentive roommate became the exact opposite!--


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