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Revenge Stories #85

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Revenge Story #85

Ok ya see I have two friends, one of my friends liked the other and then they started going out. So it going pretty well, but the guy never touches the girl.

Then one day the guy comes to school and tell all of his friends they french kissed another girl. He sees his girlfriend coming and runs, I follow him afraid the she might kill anyone who tells her. So my friends do the bidding, but she doesn't believe them, then she finally does. At lunch he comes up to her and says "I'm sorry, but we can still be friends." Can you believe it, he didn't even tell her that he wanted to break up!

So my group of friends divide and we start a war. I am on her side of course. So we start planning revenge, then first was to start going out with his best friends (which we didn't do). So we plan and plan and we think of the perfect thing, send 15 large pizzas, 4 orders of breadstick and one large coke to his house. But then unfortunately, his side finds out. And this is where we are today, all my friends (except a few) are on his side. She still wants revenge badly.

The outcome of this story is probably never going to be known, it may go on forever....but I wants to tell you this story and why you should tell your girlfriend your breaking up with her, and that you shouldn't cheat. If anything else happens, I'll be sure to tell you..

P.S.- I forgot to mention, I soo wanted to get revenge, I type "Revenge Plans" in a search and it came up with you...So thank you very much, and I hope there is more to this story...

(Awwww, the "old school" pizza's to the house revenge. I remember those days. Young in training. Have fun with it and thanks for finding the site!--


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