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Revenge Stories #83

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Revenge Story #83

Ok, here's a good story I have.

My friend, I'm going to call him Travis because I feel like it, had started getting really cocky. Slowly over the course of a summer, he had grown from a lazy jerk to a person who acted like he was doing me a favor by talking to me. I finally got fed up with him and wrote his mother a letter.

The letter opened up as following:


It was pretty funny. The letter went on to explain how he used to beat up his 13 year old brother for money to go down to a bud house and buy weed. It also explained the many stories of me and him raiding his mother's purse. Well, me standing back laughing as he did it. It also had the story of how the living room window really got broken. Lets just say, that he got really irritated at me.

A few weeks later, a big kid, I didn't know who it was, jumped me on my walk home from school and I had a few good bruises. I saw the kid, but never caught him. I even called the cops and had them look for him. I knew it wasn't a random jumping because they didn't take anything, and I had quite a bit of expensive shit on that day.

Prank Phone calls started to happen almost every half hour, and when I was online, he'd use an emergency calling service to kick me off from time to time. The harassment kept going on for a while, and nothing seemed to help it...

About 3 months before we started this fight, my father had given him an abandoned car that was in his garage, just to get rid of it. Travis thought it was the best thing in the world. A car, a cool car, that just needed a little bit of work...

After replacing the steering column and planning to do the rest of the work, Travis realized the car was worthless, and just left it sitting there in the driveway.

One day, I got fed up, and I had drove down to his house and made sure the car was still there. I then called the owner of the car long distance. She still had the title and called the police and claimed the car as missing. I waited across the street until i saw him go into the car to smoke weed, like he does every night. I called the cops and gave a little 'tip'. Ok little isn't right, I told them where the stolen car was. They showed up and picked him up. I got a few phone calls asking me about the car and i didn't give any knowledge of it. "What car?" "My father gave him a car?" My dad also played along because he knew i was jumped by someone who was sent by him.

Needless to say, a few months later, he's still a bit pissed.

(Good revenge buddy! Send more stories. Now for a public service announcement from Say Nope to Dope! Crack is Whack! Keep your ass off the Grass! Cocaine is Lame! Beer is cool! and Liquor rules!


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