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Revenge Stories #82

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Revenge Story #82

One Christmas i got given a box of 6 mince pies from someone who also gave my brother a gift.

I put my mince pies in the fridge, as i wanted to save them. I told my brother not to eat them all. I had forgotten they were there. After 2 days i went to get one and 3 were gone. I had one and told my brother not to eat anymore. Then the next day there was only one left. So my brother had had another, meaning he had eaten 4 of them and i had had 1.

There was 1 left and i knew he would try and eat it, so i managed to take the pastry top off the pie, scoop out the filling and fill the pie with mustard. Then i put the top back, placed the pie back in the box and in the fridge. Later he came home. I waited for him to go to the fridge then i went into the kitchen to see him take a massive bite from the mustard pie. His face looked so funny. He spat it out into the bin and was so angry that he started to write a letter of complaint to the people who made the pies.

(Hey, your brother doesn't listen so well does he? Maybe he needs more wake up calls like the one you sent him in this story. Keep training him! --


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