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Revenge Stories #81

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Revenge Story #81

I let a fellow employee move in and rent a spare room in my house because he had just moved to the area and had no place to live. I had talked to him many times before he moved to the area and thought he was cool. We became friends and fellow partners in the Radio DJ biz.

After about 8 months I had a meeting with our P. D {Program Director} he told me that this guy was screwing up and his speech was not as clear as it was when he first got there so I would be taking his job and he would be getting mine. We both worked connected shifts he did the 7 to 12 and I did the 12 to 6 am shift and he hated the 12 to 6 am shift with a passion because during this shift you had to do real Commercial Production not just be on the Air talking and having a good time.

Well, here is how it goes; he found out what was going to happen so one night I was sick it was coming out of both ends I called him and said program the computer for the shift and leave a note for the boss who comes in at 6 am. He never left a note for the boss and only programmed the computer to 5:30 am so there was dead air for a half an hour and this is also the time that the boss came in. Needless to say I was in deep stuff I got a call about 11am to be told that I was fired and come pickup all of my stuff. He was sitting right there and said he left a note and he had no idea why I was getting fired. I told him he cost me my job and to get the hell out he had no friends in the area and had no place to go.

Later that night while he was at work I pissed in his Shampoo, Mouthwash and then flossed my ass with his toothbrush flossed my ass with his pillow case took sandpaper to his favorite CDs and flushed his asthma medication. After he had moved out I found a role of film; it was him dressed up in his Girlfriends cloths I had them developed and sent them to his parents.

So after about 2 months I called the F.C.C and told them I've been hearing profanity on the 7 to 12 shift on that radio station and was very upset because my 5 year old son heard his first cuss word and I want that guy fined or fired. He didn't get fired but he did get moved to the overnight shift that he hated. And about 2 weeks ago his ex-girlfriend and my girlfriend had a nice night of passion and we have just sent the pictures to him. I never take it lying down and never let a person do me wrong like that.

By the way his Ex-Girlfriend has some very interesting pictures and we are gonna send these to his parents as well all I can say is that they involve insertion in his Bottom-- Mom and Dad will love these pictures.

(Hey man, your ass must have some good breath after all of that flossing! Flossing alone is good, however, every 6 months you should take a trip to the proctologist for a cleaning and check up!-- the web's #1 source for ass health!)


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