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Revenge Stories #80

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Revenge Story #80

Hi, guys! Great site! Here's my two cents.

My now ex-husband was going to college to become a minister. He had recently taped himself preaching a sermon - this tape was to be shown in front of his class for observation and discussion. The night before the class, I came home early from work and found the bedroom window wide open and a porno flick in the VCR. (I later figured out that he was bedding a 17-year old girl.) Well, I switched the labels on the preaching video and the porno tape! I returned the preaching tape to the video store and didn't scold him for the porno flick.

The next day in class - well, you can just imagine! Heh, Heh, Heh.

(Wow, I guess he'll have to say about, oh, 5,000 Hail Mary's and 2,000 Our Father's! What a Heavenly revenge! I'd like to read this again with Angel's food cake, red wine, wafers, and more red wine! --


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