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Revenge Stories #8

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Revenge Stories #8

During my freshman year at college, the school would have monthly room checks to make sure no one had ruined their the dorm room. The day before my autumnal room-check, some of my new buddies had stolen the screens off of my windows. The college ended up billing me $180 for them.

The college would not accept any excuse even though they knew some "friend" of mine must have hidden them somewhere. I eventually got the screens back from my dorm brothers and the college refunded my money, but it was one stressful experience.

Well, I waited until wintertime to get them back. Ours is a small, friendly, private college and a lot of the time no one locks their dorm rooms---until now.

I went into the offenders room last January and removed not only their screens, but their WINDOW FRAMES (and windows) too! It was about 20 degrees at the time. They, of course, approached me right away and I denied any knowledge of the infraction.

Eventually, (the next day) I was called into a meeting with the PRESIDENT of the college and the Dean of Admissions. I stuck to my story that I knew nothing of the missing windows. It helped that my whole dorm floor was carrying a 1.0 gpa while I was holding a 3.5.

Well, the college didn't have any window frames in storage and had to have them made. Manufacturing new window frames would not be a one day process. In the meantime, the college put up 3 mil PLASTIC for the guys. It was hilarious! It was 20 degrees out and these guys had to sleep in 3 pairs of sweats, gloves, and stocking caps--and they still were freezing (I'm laughing so hard right now that I can barely type this out!).

Three days later I heard that the new windows would be done and would be put in--so I snuck in during dinner and put the old windows back in.

My reputation has been made and now no one screws with me anymore. In fact, I think up revenge tactics for other students which I will share with you later.....

(Ok, pretty good!! I had some prankster on my dorm floor in college too. They weren't as creative though! I am looking forward to more of your stories! Anyone else out there have any college revenge stories? --


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