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Revenge Stories #79

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Revenge Story #79

Hey, ALL of your Revenge stories are great.

Well, when I get home, the phone is constantly ringing. SAME solicitors every day. I got sick of it so I decided to get rid of them. I found out that it's illegal to call someone back if you've told them not too but this was just tooooooo hard to resist.

My first and favorite one is after they ask for whoever (it's too easy to tell if it's a solicitor...they can't even pronounce my last name correctly) and you say hold on let me check and see if he/she is home. You set the phone down and go get a brown paper bag. You blow air into it and go back to the phone. I would start yelling, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! GET THE HELL OUTTA MY HOUSE. HOLY S**T." Then I'd pop the bab right next to the phone so it'd be really loud. "OH S**T, I'VE BEEN SHOT!" I fall on the ground and knock the phone onto the floor as I come down so it'll land right next to me. If you're lucky, you'll hear them say something like, "Oh my God!" or "Sir, sir, are you there?" You don't hang up until you hear a click on the other end.

My second one is to wait until they finish talking and then say, "So, what are you doing tonight?" It's soo fun to see what they say.

And my last one is to interrupt them in the middle of their long winded speech about what they want you to but and start saying stuff like, "Uncle Bob? Is that you?" or ask them if they sell vacuum cleaners or something of that nature.

Love your site! It rules!

(Hey, thanks for the compliment. You are great and ALL of our readers are great. I like the paper bag one. I'll have to try it. Another good one you should try is acting like you're getting turned on and "hot" talking to them. . . moaning and all! --


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