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Revenge Stories #78

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Revenge Story #78

I'm a freshman at a large high school in Ohio. Well, while one of my very good friends and I were dating over the summer, I naturally got to know his friends too. One particular friend, we'll call him "John", always hit on me and all of my friends (especially my best friend Katie) while my boyfriend and I were dating.

After we broke up, John was quite persistent in his ummm... attempts. eventually I got so fed up with john, that I told him that I liked him a little, even though I was in no way attracted to him. with this news he immediately asked me out, each time I rejected. afraid of hurting his feelings, everytime he popped the question, I was forced to find an even more pathetic excuse for denying him. eventually.. I felt so guilty I told the truth..since we were friends, I figured he would take the situation in a logical, rational way. I guessed wrong. john exploded at me..sending me death wishes..hate letters..the works. well...I'm an independent, and unlucky for him...revengeful type of person. using my cunning skills I quickly plotted to destroy him.

just my day after school the perfect opportunity arose. my friend, Katie who I mentioned earlier just happened to be one of johns appalled victims. first I must honor how ultimately effective, economic, and efficient the internet is for getting sweet revenge. anyway....I decided to chill with Katie after school one day. so as the ritual normally follows...we got online to chat for a few minutes before we made plans to go anywhere. we noticed that john was online...and since we both hate him...the plotting began. since I knew john better I did most of the talking. we IMed john...with me pretending to be Katie. now, johns an easy I basically pretended to be Katie,and "apologized" for everything that went wrong....well throughout our conversation..I thickened the plot.

since I was pretending to be Katie...I knew the one way to get john back was to make it seem like Katie was mad at me too. sooo for about an hour I ripped on myself pointing out every feature about ..and trashing it..totally ditching myself. john bought it..forgiving Katie..and apologizing for his behavior...along with continually hitting on "her". of course Katie and I were already thoroughly enjoying our scheme. the plot continued...john stupidly informed "Katie" of the pranks that he was trying to get my ex...who I did mention is now one of my best do to me. he apparently was trying to convince my ex to act like he was going to "give me a second chance" and then stand me up at a local club. I had communication with my ex throughout this...and I knew he wouldn't even think of accepting this offer. the conversation ended with john totally admitting his love for Katie..we excitedly typed back sickening flirting lines...which though they made us ready to puke...were well worth the torture.

then the plan proceeded as follows: Katie called john...convincing him to go to the club the following weekend. he eagerly accepted. the next weekend..Katie and I went to the club together..being sure to separate as soon as we got inside. john was there..things went smoothly..Katie went for john..flirting brilliantly with him as if they had been dating for years. I however..danced with some friends..occasionally walking by to give a good, hearty "f*ck you, b*tch" to was impeccably accurate of a typical girl fight. of course my ex was there..oblivious to the scheme.(he even tried to break up one of Katie and I's "fights") we talked for a while, until we were interrupted by Katie practically running down the ramp with a huge triumphant grin on her face.

she gave me a hug...confusing the hell out of my she pointed to john...sobbing on the balcony like a little school girl...Katie had completed the plan....once john made a move on her, she would totally reject him in front of the entire club..who was now also staring...we then proceeded the night by b*tching out john as he weeped in front of quite literally the entire club..who was almost surrounding him. surprisingly my ex didn't mind.. he congratulated me on my success, and continued being a good friend. the best part of the entire story, is that two weeks ago, john IMed me begging for forgiveness, and saying that he was sorry.....

the next week Katie and I peeled the label off of a bottle of cough syrup, labeled it "BULLSH*T".and mailed it to him asking him if he enjoyed getting a taste of his own medicine. we haven't heard from him since!!!!


(Ooh Wee! That's some sticky itcky itcky! You girls really played him for a fool. How embarrassed he must have felt! You also have quite good vocabularies for high school students- you get an "A". Keep up the good work. --


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