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Revenge Stories #77

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Revenge Story #77

The most creative revenge I've ever heard of was carried out by a coworker of mine while he was attending an Ivy League school. The next door neighbor in the dorm was always bad about playing his stereo loud and late at night. After repeated requests failed to produce any change, revenge was due.

To make things easier, I'll refer to my friend as Bob and the offending jerk as "Jay"

Step 1 was to run some speaker wire from Bob's room to Jay's room and connect it to the speakers (of the stereo) in Jay's room. Bob and a buddy managed to get access to Jay's room while he was out and managed to connect a second set of wires to the speakers and ran them back to Bob's room. The wires were run such that they were not noticeable. There was a small crack between the outside wall and the wall dividing the two rooms, so the wires were run through that.

Step 2 was to secure a tape of a fly buzzing around - in stereo.

Step 3 was to wait until Jay's light went out (It was not to hard to tell because the light shone through the aforementioned crack when the light was on) and then start playing the tape. Lights out - buzzing fly, lights on, fly stops buzzing. Jay about went nuts trying to find that elusive fly for several weeks.

Step 4 occurred when Jay went home for a weekend. Bob put in a tape of someone loosing their mind and screaming all sorts of wild stuff "I can't take it any more" "I'm going to kill someone" "moan, sob, etc." ..... That kind of stuff. While Jay was gone - people wandering down the halls of the dorm heard all that coming from Jay's room. When he got back, Jay had a lot of people looking at him funny and asking if he was feeling ok and could they do anything for him, etc.

Step 5 occurred when Bob got tired of the stunt. He waited until Jay went to bed, gave him an hour or so to get sound asleep and then blasted him with Jay's own speakers (through the extra wire) with some very very very loud heavy metal music. Jay went nuts for a few minutes trying to shut off the music, only to find that even disconnecting the wires from his stereo didn't make the music stop. He FINALLY spotted the extra wire and ripped it out!

Epilogue - Jay quit playing his stereo so loud - he realized he was in the presence of a master and didn't want to risk another such stunt.

(Oh you Ivy Leaguers and your loud stereos. If your friend, "Bob," had gone to a community college, he wouldn't have had to worry about those types of things! Think about it. . . Very creative revenge, I digs it.--


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