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Revenge Stories #75

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Revenge Story #75

I have a problem with a neighbor who keeps taking my cat in and keeping him. This is really beginning to hack me off as they deny that they take the cat in and won't let him out for me to take him to the vet etc. So I have decided to exact my revenge.

I have just been to the pet shop and bought a large quantity of worming tablets. Said worming tablets have been gobbled by cats (not all of them of course!). So I am now just waiting for him to go to the neighbor, for them to let him in and keep him there for the day and not let him out and oooooooh dear - pooooooooo all over the carpet.

Maybe they won't be so keen on letting him in in the future.

(Did you ever think of the poor and innocent cat? That poor bastard has to take drugs just so you can get your revenge!! Wait a minute, it that soooo bad? Anywho, I know they will never let that cat in again. No one likes a messy pussy!--


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