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Revenge Stories #74

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Revenge Story #74

I live in a duplex, with my landlady living in the other half. She has a 43 year old deadbeat/homeless son, that used to live in my half prior to my occupancy. She kicked him out after he brought a live-in girlfriend home, hence the vacancy leading to my tenancy. A little sicko - mommy dearest scenario. At any rate, this dude has never lived on his own, lived in hotels with his GF after his eviction, she eventually dumped him, and he came back to live in mommy's half of the equation recently. Careless, homeless, sporadic employment, you get the picture.

Enter the harassment originating from the Boy Wonder. He wants his old unit back! Suffice it to say, that I have had an atty and the cops warn him off from his highly illegal activities, and needless to say, I have an ironclad lease.

People like this never go to college, nor pay their bills, nor process a change of addy with the USPS. He has a cheering section of collection agencies/hyenas clawing at MY door trying to get him to pay up an aggregated debt of 10K that he has not paid in 6 mos or more. In addition, he has kindly provided his employer's name by placing 'fax calls' to my home number to shrill in my ear. I love caller ID. Soooooooo, BW having laid this info in my lap, his collectors have now been provided with his mom's phone#, addy, as well as his employer's. Since I now have his employer's fax line #, guess where his demands for payment are going? I believe he's being garnished soon.

Oh, excuse me. Another process server is ringing my bell.


(I like it! Send more! The abrv. leaves me a little confus'd though. But whatever. BTW what I didn't know, I just made up ASAP! 2L2Q. LOL--


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