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Revenge Stories #73

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Revenge Story #73

Before I start I must pay homage to the greatest revenge site on the net.

WARNING: Most of the pranks I post are cruel and should be used only by people who are REALLY want revenge

Prank 1: Sucks to be you:

In every friendship there is a universal rule, NEVER MESS AROUND WITH YOUR FRIEND'S GIRLFRIEND. Well sorry to say this friend did slowly develop a relationship with my (then) girlfriend. I pretended that I was alright with it and waited for a while to let the tension die down. Here's what I did for my very simple but very inhumane prank. I knew that my old pal never bought his condoms because he was always too embarrassed. So I bought one condom, a syringe and a small tube of ben gay. I filled the syringe with ben gay and poked two holes in the wrapper, injecting small amounts of ben gay both into the condom and inside the condom wrapper. For those who don't know, when you apply ben gay to the most delicate of body parts,

THE PAIN IS EXCRUCIATING! I told my other friend to deliver the gift of doom to the happy couple at night so as not to see the puncture holes. My friend later told me that The couple was so happy to get this gift that they went upstairs to his room as soon as they got it. ( because they ran out.) He also told me that he ran out of there in tears from hearing the loud screams from both my ex friend and my ex girlfriend!

Revenge is sweet!

Prank 2: Another car prank:

The most popular girl in school had a regular habit of picking on me in class and I had enough of it so while she was away at BOCES trade school. I went to the senior high parking lot armed with a can of shaving cream and a roll of electrical tape. First I put small rocks in the rear hubcaps of her car. Fortunately her car is crappy and the hood can be opened from the outside. Then I taped a can of shaving cream to the manifold of the engine: ( When the engine heats up it will make the can explode.) I just wish I could have been there to see the look on her face when she heard the rattling noise from the rocks, the loud boom and then to open the hood and see her engine covered in shaving cream.

Prank 3: Did you sleep well?

One night I decided to have a little midnight fun using my brother as the butt of the joke. I waited until he was asleep and took a pillow and two flashlights and creep into his room I turned on the flashlights and held them in my hands an the pillow with my arms, then I rammed him with the pillow while yelling " TRUCK! GET OUT OF THE WAY! " The prank worked great and he woke up screaming!

That's it for now but I'll be back and in the meantime If you need any help with a revenge idea my email address is

(Wow, who gives advice better than the AmericanPsycho? Nobody, that's who. You're shaolin technique is very good. Thanks for the compliment and keep the incredible tips coming.--


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