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Revenge Stories #71

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Revenge Story #71

Yo what's up. You've got a rockin' site and i am all about revenge. Whenever some kid pisses me off i get him back ten fold.

There was this kid who I played tennis with and he was a total jerk-off. He thought he was hot shit and was always talking trash. One night I saw him out in my neighborhood and the kid had the audacity to throw an egg at me. After chasing him down and beating his ass I decided that he needed a little something extra to think about.

First, we cracked his voice mail box on his pager and changed the PIN number so he could no longer get on change stuff. We also changed the greeting. Hi this is Michael and I'm currently single, looking for boys, ages 12-42, who want to experiment. Well, the kids parents were a little surprised and so were the rest of his friends. The funny thing was that he couldn't change the message since we were the only ones who knew his new PIN. A lot of times the default PIN number for pager VMBs is the last four digits of the pager number.

Second, and this is hardcore and really hard to do, we started messing with his home phones. There were 5 people in his family and 3 of those were teenagers, so you know that the phone was always being used. Anyway, all phones have something called a line class code which tells the switches what kind of phone it is. For instance, a home phone will be designated so and the account will be billed when a phone call is made from that address. I just social engineered my way through the phone company and had his line class code changed to that of a payphone. Basically, every time he tried to make a phone call from home, he would hear a voice that said: Please deposit 35 cents. Where in the hell do you put 35 cents into a damn portable phone? I guess he couldn't make anymore phone calls from home for a while.

Third, I called the phone companies residential billing department and pretended to be his dad (social engineering). I told them that people were messing with the phones and that I wanted to put a passcode on the account so that he was the only one who could make changes. The password was 'pancakes' and I am thinking that it took him a long time to convince the phone company that he never made the password 'pancakes', that stupid fat ass.

The kid learned his lesson most likely and I hope this a good enough story for you. Later

(Wow, you got some seriously good revenge skills and the right connections! I'm sure that kid has learned his lesson. To me, the funniest part of this story is that you chased him down and beat his ass after he threw an egg at you! I guess the yoke's on him! Yes, a corny joke-- for FREE!! I should go on tour. . .maybe


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