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Revenge Stories #70

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Revenge Story #70

I had been going out with this guy for only about 3 weeks , however we knew each other for a while before. He continually told me how lucky he was to have found me and that he loved me. He is a year younger than me, and we are only in high school, so when he called me one night saying he had gotten grounded because of poor grades, I believed him. He said that we would have to break up for now because he was cut off from everything, but he would call me as soon as he got ungrounded. He repeatedly apologized for everything and said he still loved me.

I was very sad by all of this, but one day I was online and I just happened to read his profile. He had another girls name as his girlfriend saying he couldn't be happier with her. He works at the mall, so I confronted him one day at work. He denied everything, saying someone had stolen his password. I was skeptical, but I said okay. Then, a few days later, his entire profile was all about her, and I'm talking really graphic, unnecessary details. I was extremely angry... so that weekend I saw him working again. Again I confronted him, again he denied it being very adamant about it. He tried to make me feel sorry for him and he tried to turn it around saying I should trust him, but I was going on instinct now.

Well, a few nights later he called me up and said he had to be honest with me, that he had been seeing someone for the last 2 weeks. I went off on him, saying an unbelievable amount of vulgar phrases, I think I made up some new ones. This proved that they had started dating while we were still going out.

I had to have my revenge. So everyday for a week, I sent out a mass email from a fake email address, saying there was a major party at his house with free beer. I got a lot of replies saying they would be there with friends. At the end of the week, I had to have told about 200 people, excluding the friends they would be bringing.

So the night of the party, my friend and I grabbed the camcorder and parked down the street from his house. We watched car after car FULL of people go to the door asking for him, saying that he invited him to a party there. After about 2 hours of this, his parents had to be off their rockers.

My goal was to have him get "grounded" again so he would have to break up with his New girlfriend. I don't know what all happened to him when he got home that night, but I know his parents were REALLY mad.

(Nice job. You women scorned really go out and create your revenge. That's the spirit! Keep up the good work. Every inch counts. Push it to the limit. Don't stop till you get enough. Walk along the razor's edge. Just win baby win. Hail to the victors. Go Blue!! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.--


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