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Revenge Stories #7

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Revenge Stories #7

While I was back home (from college) for a funeral, I learned that my boyfriend, who was back at school, had cheated on me while I was gone. Spring Break was only a week away and I had planned on staying home while he had planned on staying at the college--as he was broke except for his new VISA card, which he had just received.

I called him and told him that I needed some cheering up and so I thought that the two of us should go to Mexico for the break--on my parents. He readily agreed.

I told him that a ticket would be waiting for him at the airport, which was 140 miles away. Of course it wasn't and I received a call on my cellular phone. I pretended I was already at the hotel in Cancun and told him that I wasn't sure what had happened--that there must have been a mixup. He ended up putting the ticket on his VISA (just like I knew he would), which nearly maxed out the card ($500 limit). I told him my VISA was already over the limit or that I would have paid for it, but that I had plenty of traveler's checks with me and that I would reimburse him once he arrived.

Well, he ends up in Cancun and can't find me anywhere. The hotel, that I told him we were staying at, didn't exist. He looked all over for it. My cell phone rang non-stop for the next few days (I shut off the ringer, but everytime I turned it back on, it would ring within 5 minutes).

I finally answered it and said: "Was it worth cheating on me while I was at my uncle's funeral?" and then I hung up.

He ended up hitchhiking back to the U.S. as he didn't know anyone and no one in his family (I surmise) had the money to lend him--not even his parents (he might not have even called them for all I know).

(DAYUM! Now that is not only extremely creative, but also very effective! That payback will be hard to top! --


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