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Revenge Stories #68

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Revenge Story #68

Love your site! Keep up the good work! I call this story: Mess with my kid & I'll mess with you.

When my oldest daughter was 14, my ex-husband set up a checking account for her. (His idea, but I agreed to it.) The stipulations were: NO bounced checks, and her check book would be open to inspection any time I wanted to access it. She was given 10 "starter checks" by the bank, you know, the blank checks you're given when you first open a checking account. She wrote one check that week for the amount of $1.50. Within days, we started receiving notices from the bank that she was bouncing checks. The bounce notices continued to pour into our mailbox over the next few days.

When I presented the first notice to our daughter, I demanded to know exactly HOW MANY checks she had written. My poor kid insisted that she had only written just the ONE check for a measly $1.50. We immediately went to the bank. It turned out that they had several checks issued to her account, and they were from the first shipment of checks they had sent to her. After all of the checks that had been written filtered into the bank, it turned out that there were 16 checks that had been written on her account, totaling $760.00. Her account had been opened with a balance of $200.00. Upon close inspection of the checks, it was very evident that they had not been written by my daughter. They had been forged. We had been sent her first box of checks, and they had been stolen right out of our mailbox.

We signed affidavits of forgery for each and every check that had been written, and took copies to the police. After about a week it became obvious that the police weren't being very aggressive about actually finding the people who had done this. They hadn't even contacted any of the businesses yet. I was furious. Demolition angry, as I call it. I was going to "get" whoever had done this to my kid. I went into stealth mode. I went to each and every business that had received one of my daughter's checks and personally interviewed each employee that had accepted these checks with phony SSNs and phone #s. I demanded to know how these checks could have been cashed without any proof of ID. I usually received stammering replies, but it all added up to the fact that these businesses were slack, and their employees weren't doing their jobs. In a hurry, they hadn't asked for IDs. But I did get very good descriptions of the people that had written the checks. I knew who did it. The descriptions matched the newest people that had just moved into our building.

I played detective. For the next week I searched through the garbage of these new tenants. They had moved in about two weeks before this theft had occurred. Every time they put a bag of garbage outside, I waited until they were out of sight, then grabbed the bag and brought it into my apartment. I went through every scrap of trash in those bags. I was looking for evidence and I found it. I found receipts from stores that the checks had been written at, with the amount matching the checks, AND better yet, my daughter's account number was right there on the receipts. It had been typed in by the employee that had accepted the checks. I had absolute proof. I took the receipts to the police.

They told me to quit gathering evidence, and informed me that "they" would handle it. I wasn't satisfied with that. I wanted to "get" them NOW. But I didn't want to get myself in trouble for it. We lived in an old Victorian home that had been cut into 4 apartments. We rented the ground floor and the basement. The other three apartments were upstairs on the second floor. The apartment that these people had moved into, was little more than a glorified closet. It was small, about 12x15 feet with a small bathroom, and an even smaller kitchen. We shared a communal hallway. They were at the top of the stairs and I was at the bottom. I could hear them every time they left. The lock on the door to their apartment had an old fashioned keyhole that had been taped shut. That was all I needed.

My sister worked as a Med tech at the time and supplied me with a nice BIG syringe with a nice LONG needle on the end of it. Heh heh. I filled the syringe with water, and sprayed it on the carpet in my living room. I wanted to see if the spray left any kind of telltale droplets that could be detected by sight. There were none. Our carpeting was exactly the same as the carpeting in "their" apartment upstairs. I was set. Using my husband as a lookout, every time those jerks left their apartment for the next month, I brought syringe after syringe full of sulfur-y, stinky, rotten-egg putridness to their door, and injected it onto their carpeting THROUGH the keyhole. Sometimes I injected 5-6 syringes FULL of the stuff at a time. It evaporated very quickly, filling the apartment with nauseating stench. When I had time, I even injected it under their door into the matting under their carpeting. It was white vinegar. And man, did it stink!!

Rocked with stifled laughter, I would hear them come home and, from my bedroom, I could hear them storm across the floor and "SLAM" open the only window in the tiny apartment!!!! Opening the window never really helped to get rid of the smell. It was replenished daily!! Heh heh!!! I did this every day, sometimes as often as 3 or 4 times a day until they moved out, about a month later. I should also explain that this was in January. In North Dakota. A place where -20 below zero in the winter is a regular occurrence. So, they were not only choked out by my multiple daily applications of "stink," but they froze their butts off at the same time!!!! They were eventually charged with the crime, but it was several months later. The police never called to tell me about it. I read it in the paper. Those idiots never knew that I was the one that had filled their cozy criminal den with reek!! I still laugh out loud whenever I think about it. Torturing them was infinitely more fun than waiting for the police to slap them on the wrist.

(Wow, I like your style! You are the award winner for "longest story" and most uses of "quotation marks" around "words." Thanks for the compliment and keep em coming!!--


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