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Revenge Stories #67

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Revenge Story #67

I had an extremely self-righteous, self-absorbed room mate. She was the type that wanted to appear like a really positive person to everyone she knew and stuck 101 ways to live a positive smiley life in your bathroom.

She also had a habit of trying to impose her mother's decorating tastes all over a house of students. This included seasonal decorations of harvest corn, floral valences, and winnie the pooh pictures. If anyone disapproved, she would say things like "I'm so tired of being the only person here interested in making this a home". She complained daily about the burden of being the only person in the house who deserved to live there. We were friends until she just became too much.

When she thought I might be moving she actually came into my room taking measurements for where she would put her stuff (I had the best room) and telling me daily what colors she was going to paint it etc. At this point I really had to get her. So I told her I wasn't moving out, she was extremely disappointed that she couldn't marthafy my room and move in.

I waited until she was away for two months to give my notice, and before doing that called a friend I knew wanted the room. He was very loud, extremely messy and actually quite rude. He called up, got put on the waiting list and I gave my notice. When she came back, he was moving his stuff in. And as you might have guessed, they hated each other. Another roommate who wouldn't crochet doilies and make construction paper flowers for the front window. AAAAW. Very satisfying for me anyway.

(Ha ha ha, I love your sarcasm at the end. Es momentos como eso que estoy contento con vida y los numeros cervezas y cosa fumar ella tiene dar! --


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