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Revenge Stories #66

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Revenge Story #66

Let me just start off by saying that I love your web site and the revenge stories.

This story starts off when I was in the eighth grade. Me and these two other guys were like best friends. I was there for them and they were there for me. I was in band class and our class had to do a fund raiser to get better instruments. I sold so much candy and I needed help to carry it all. All in all I had about 20 pounds of candy and my backpack with three books in it making it about 40 pounds total. The boxes of candy did not have handles on the side making it difficult for me to carry.

I asked them to help me carry some of the boxes and I would give them some chocolate that I bought for myself. They said that they would meet me in front of my class to help me carry the packages. They never showed up so I had to walk home with all the things and when I got home I had blisters on my hands. My Mom couldn't pick me up because she had to go to work that day. Their excuse was, "We couldn't help you because we had to get a ride home." (We lived in the same block.)

One rainy day they were gonna get a ride from me and it was really coming down hard. In sixth period I remembered that they did that to me. I told them after school to meet me in front of the 200 building because I had to pick something up from my friend. They did that and I took the other exit of the school and went over to where my Mom was going to pick me up.

I got picked up and when my Mom drove by the school I saw them still waiting there. We get out of school at 2:10. Around 3:15 I heard a knock at my door and there they were soaking wet. It took a lot of strength too keep from laughing at them. They asked me why I didn't pick them up and I asked them the same thing and closed the door in their face.

Even though this wasn't really big it was revenge enough for me.



(Great job, Chuck! All revenge doesn't have to be earth-shattering. It just has to make you feel better. In this case, that's exactly what it did. Have a good one!--


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