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Revenge Stories #64

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Revenge Story #64

for anyone that ticks you off....

1) I found out that my (now ex)boyfriend had another girlfriend in a different city while he was seeing me last summer. He didn't know that I was aware of this, so I decided to play with him a little. I gathered up some poison ivy, which I am not allergic too. He has the most sensitive skin. ; )

So when his birthday came around about 2 weeks later I bought him some new boxer shorts and rubbed the poison ivy all over them. He went out of town the next day for the rest of the week to work (though I'm sure he was going to see her). I got nasty message on my voice mail three days later. HAHA!

2)In the winter....plowing snow in front of their garage to where they can't get their car out is kind of funny.

3) Go to your local pet shop and buy some pests or get a hold of some somehow. Roaches are the most fun since they scatter in light. Flies are cool too since they would lay eggs... Send them a package with some sort of food (fruitcake works well) and add your pests.

4) Make a bumper sticker that says something to the nature of "white power, Jesus is dead, anything about weed smoking for the cops, KKK rules...ect" I wonder how long they would drive around before they figure out it is there????? HAHA!

5) If you know their phone number.... Make a fake screen name online with a gay profile and go to a gay chat room for your area. Flirt with as many gay men as you can and tell them to call you. You can E-mail too!!!!! ; ) If you are brave, go to a gar bar and leave their number and name in the bathroom. "Shy closet case-call me...."

6) Make an add at like which is an adult alternative life style match maker site. Make a profile for your victim and leave contact info. If you could get a picture, that would be great! Talk about HUNDREDS of phone calls or letters...maybe even some home visits.

7) Strip-o-grams are fun....even more fun when your victim has a live in girlfriend/wife.

(All readers please remain silent 5 seconds to give respect to these tremendous tips and pranks. One-onethousand, two-onethousand, three-onethousand, four-onethousand, five-onethousand. Ok, now we can continue. . . Dayum!! Those are great! I'd hate for some poor soul to cross you by mistake!--


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