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Revenge Stories #62

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Revenge Story #62

Recently my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me (right before Christmas no less) over a silly argument. A couple of days later he asked me to help him with his email account that he was having problems with. When I logged on I discovered that he had signed up for a singles matchmaking site.

I immediately logged into the site and read his profile. I couldn't believe the lines he was trying to feed these girls. Knowing the "real" him, I decided to make his approach to finding a new woman more honest. I logged in using his user-ID and password and changed the answers to the questions to what he would've said. Now everyone in the internet world can know just how big of a jerk he really is, and can expect the worst right off.

(Damn, what a dumbass your ex must be! He's gonna dump you and then ask for your help? "Cyber-dude" must be lost without you to help him. Enough of my .com-mentary. Get it?? Dot-Commentary? I knew I had a corny joke in me for this update!--


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