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Revenge Stories #61

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Revenge Story #61

Hope you appreciate this...

A few months back I had some Mormons visit - I could not get rid of them. Finally I asked for their names (and got them). I was going to write a letter of complaint but came across a better Idea - for a small fee I applied for the number of the beast (666) to be registered for their individual souls.

A site run by Rev. R G Cox on behalf of (some church or other), raises funds for legit charities by selling the mark of the beast. Once registered the applicant, or in this case my victims, receive from the church an official letter of congratulations informing them that they have had their soul successfully tainted. I found out via a not so close friend that the two guys were pissed off because the church refused to revoke the letters they received.

(I've never heard that prank before, but I can honestly say, there is no finer way to get revenge on a religious type! Thanks for the story!


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