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Revenge Stories #60

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Revenge Story #60

I hope that this isn't too Risqué for this board!

When I was in college, this one guy had a habit of harassing the girls with childish stunts like unsnapping bras, etc. Well, once at a dorm party, one of the girls was wearing a tube top (yes, I am old,) and he went up to her as she was dancing, and pulled her top down, completely exposing her breasts in front of a mixed crowd of about thirty people.

After covering back up, she poked him in the eyes, causing him to cover his face, then pulled his shorts and underwear down. She then took it a step beyond what he did by grabbing his testicles and trying to stretch them up to his chin! He just stood there screaming, "Let go of my balls" over and over. After a few seconds, she let go, and he fell to the floor holding himself. He couldn't even pull his pants up for at least 10 minutes.

I'd say that she got more than even.

(Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! He probably looks pretty hung, with his balls stretched out like that! The moral of this story is: ALWAYS WEAR A BELT!!!


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