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Revenge Stories #6

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Revenge Stories #6

I am evil incarnate.

Or so my exgirlfriend believes. It may seem to be a bit farfetched, but believe every word - this story is true. I swear, from the depths of my little cold black venomous heart.

I had met this wonderful girl who happened to be one of the most physically attractive women on campus. An astounding body, with straight A intelligence and a face to die for. There was only one problem - she freaked out when I cuddled with her. Sex? Yeah, right. She wouldn't even hear of it. And my dark little libido had multiple problems with the whole "celibacy for two months before sex" deal she "proposed".

So everything was going swimmingly. I had subjugated my lustful desires for a good long while. Then, one night, emboldened by a largish bottle of good wine and a few sexual suggestions from the chick in question, I proceeded to snap a good 20 or so pictures of her naked.

Of course, in the morning, she remembered what we'd done, and demanded the film be removed. Unfortunately, I'd already developed it. So I kept the negatives and gave her all the pictures. The sharpest tool in the shed, she wasn't.

Now, here's where things get interesting. She stood in line for "Titanic" for two days, bought one show, then spent three and a half hours every day watching that &%#**& movie in the theather. And when she didn't watch the movie, and wasn't in class, she was on a chat channel discussing how wonderful the movie was.

I saw it once. With her. The boat sank. Di Caprio croaked. I could have bought two sixpacks of beer for the price. It was not the high point of my life.

She began spending more and more time online. Finally, I lurked in the chat room she spent most of her time in long enough to find her identity and *gasp* her online lover, who lived in Florida. And we're not talking romantic, either. They'd go online and have cybersex for a good six hours.

Soon, she was talking about flying to Florida for Spring Break and seeing this guy she'd met in a chat channel. Which is unnerving. Every so often, I'd get out the negatives, scope through them, and find the good ones. At one point, I got bored enough that I scanned them and put them on a disk.

And then down came the relationship, cradle and all. I exploded when she canceled a date to have dinner and hang out together so she could chat with her online buddy. She told me, "I think we have different needs and morals," to which I responded, "Sure. I like sex in person, while your pathetic butt needs some guy 4,000 miles away to make it seem like your little perverted Jack and Rose fantasies." This did not go over well, and I left her dorm, muttering sundry epithets that called into question which species she might actually have sex with - and none of those species were primates.

I left it alone, began dating a different girl, whom, if she wasn't as attractive, was certainly not a mental patient in training, and shared my morals about sexual activity. It was actually Anna who came up with the revenge. And by this time, I had told Theresa (the knockout bitch from hell ex-girlfriend) that I had lost the negatives in the shuffle of moving around my stuff and that she ought to be forewarned about them POSSIBLY being out there.

We posted 31 photos to her "chat community" titled under a slight change of her name. Then we faked a message to her parents with a "photo album" message from a email terminal and waited for the sparks to fly.

Now, when I describe these photos, I don't mean that they were, in the slightest, pure. That night was a night she got pretty down and dirty with the camera. Not with me, of allow her boyfriend to touch her in any way or to actually ENGAGE in the act of sex was unthinkable...but she was willing to expose parts of her anatomy that hadn't been meant to be exposed to natural light for the camera - close up and in very interesting gymnastic positions. These would compete with high-quality porn pictures.

Effects of that "revenge" - she promptly got many, many offers from the community to come and "break her iceberg"; her parents apparently made four neatly paired holes in the roof - two up, two down, and somehow, her pictures were passed around the campus. I've even run across a few of them here or there, floating in the alt.binaries.erotica.amateur files.

Revenge is sweet...

"The Oversexed Spawn of Satan"

(Wow, that's a damn good payback. I am impressed. Just make sure your "evil" is not physically harmful, OK? Thanks for the story!--


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