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Revenge Stories #59

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Revenge Story #59

Sup! i love, awesome dude! well here's my revenge story...

There was this one cheerleader that me and my friends HATED! Not that we have anything against cheerleaders as a whole, but this one always made fun of us just because we're different (we're the skateboarders with lots of body piercing kind of people). Anywhoo, one day after she humiliated me, i told my friends that i had had enough! and so had they, so we plotted our revenge.

The next night, we all snuck out of our houses (at like, 1:00 AM) armed with LOTS of toilet paper, eggs, spraypaint, antifreeze, a picture of her, soap, a lighter and dog poop concealed in a paper bag. we met at our "secret" spot and went to this cheerleaders house (we got the address out of the school directory) We toilet papered her house (and i mean "like totally!") and spraypainted her car! We soaped the windows and wrote threatening messages in her grass with antifreeze. We through eggs everywhere, and burned the blown-up copy of her yearbook picture so it looked like voodoo or something. Then, after we were all done, we burned the bag of dog poop on her front porch, rang the doorbell and ran in the bushes!

Her dad answered the door all tired and stuff, and GOD WAS HE MAD! Apparently someone called the police, though, so as we were walking back home we had to dodge into the bushes once because the cops drove down the road. But eventually we all made it home (we live near each other). We never got caught either, IT WAS GREAT!


('Sup, to you? And thanks for the compliment dude-ette: we love you too! That is some seriously extensive revenge. How the hell did they sleep though all of that stuff? Nice job and Happy New Year!--


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