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Revenge Stories #58

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Revenge Story #58

Cheating, lying, disease giving ex-GF who deserved it!

With that said, I the evil little monger that I am, decided to burn all bridges and move on. After the appropriate quiet period to avoid suspicion, I went and bought 4 BIG cans of tuna fish in OIL (Important). Took them home, and drained them into a jar. Took the jar to my ex's work and slowly and carefully poured the fishy smelling oil down the passenger side air intake of her new car. (between the windshield and hood). This is the side that the heater core is on all cars.

Once this smelly oil gets into the core, for the rest of the life of the car, the smell of rotten fish will never go away. And It gets worse with time. After the fist day of looking under the seat for the dead fish (Dirty old men) just imagine how bad this would be! What would or could you do?

Best one yet.

(That is some good stuff, my friend! Definitely top quality. Honestly though, if the ex-GF was "disease giving" you still owe her bad. Keep 'em coming--


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