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Revenge Stories #57

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Revenge Story #57

This is a good one from waaayyy back in the 30s. No I'm not that old, it's a story my grandfather told me.

He lived in a small town in North Carolina. Everyone in this town knew everyone and knew he and his two younger brothers sold moonshine. They were known to get a little rough with people who stuck their nose in their business. He was a very big muscular man, about 6'2 and 220 lbs.(remember this was the 30's) Very seldom did they get a problem from anyone.

One time a new sheriff came into town and decided he was going to put a stop to this illegal business. He arrested all three and they spent a few days in jail. They were unhappy to say the least. The breaking point though was when they heard he was bragging around town about stopping their moonshine business. The locals all knew he made a big mistake and payback was coming.

They waited a little while and let things blow over a bit. Then the sheriff was mysteriously approached late one night by three masked men. He was terrified. They stripped him and put tar all over his body and then unloaded a whole bunch of feathers all over him. The sheriff was gone within a week from the town and my Grandfather and his brothers were back to selling moonshine.

(Alright!! A new champion for "oldest story!" I'd love to give you a prize, but Christmas was a mutha to my pocketbook. I'm sure you understand. Great story! Prohibition sucked!!--


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