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Revenge Stories #54

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Revenge Story #54

This is a story about my wife's ex-husband. After they separated she moved out of town where I met her about 8 months after they separated. Lets call him "Jeff" went around to all my wife's family telling them lies about her and saying I was the reason she left him. After a while, we got married and started planning a way to get a little payback.

Seeing as we couldn't prove anything he was saying because it was a he said she said thing, and my wife's daughters came back from a visit and said "Jeff" was going to go on the computer and find a date when they went home. So, my wife and I made up a fake ID called "Trudy" on the net and went hunting. After about a week we thought we missed and had to plan something better, when all of a sudden he msg'ed "Trudy" and we were in business.

Well things worked out better then we thought and he started spewing lies faster then I could read them. After he talked for a bit, he was honest and let "Trudy" know that he was talking to gay guys and was keeping his options open. He then started talking a little dirty and admitted he was playing with himself. He told us everything he said to all her family and then said that while my wife was with me, she was also sleeping with him. We are in MN and at the time he was talking about, he was in Georgia.

So I finally had enough of all his lies and we busted him. I told him that that is BS because when I met my wife, he was in Georgia. He was in shock. I went on to tell him if he doesn't leave my family and friends alone, and stop spreading lies, everyone in her family that he lied to would get a copy of all our talks. "Jeff" and "Trudy" talked for about 2 weeks before we busted him.

He called the next morning saying how sorry he was and will go to her family and tell them everything he said wasn't true. Guess he didn't want everyone to know about his "gay" option. I told him I have everything saved to a disk and if he ever starts his BS again, I'll let everyone we know have a copy.

So far he has been true to his word and left us alone.

(Beautifully executed, and very funny. I've heard of "gay" options. Aren't those the new things that people trade on the investment market? You know, like Calls and Puts. However, due to the high volatility and risk involved with these "gay" options, I advise that you contact the Securities and Exchange Commission and request their free booklet on options. I do what I can to take care of my "web family". --


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