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Revenge Stories #53

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Revenge Story #53

Let me start off by warning readers of these first three pranks, not to use these methods of revenge unless you REALLY want to mess with someone!

Prank 1. The ex. Going through a bad break up is hard but it helps to use the ace up your sleeve. I decided to call my exs' mother pretending to be her new boyfriend. In which, I called sobbing saying "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get her pregnant!" Resources told me that she was grounded hardcore until she produced a pregnancy test to prove otherwise.

Prank 2. The hemorrhoid. My best friend has a friend who can be defined only as a hemorrhoid, a big in the butt. He no matter what you say, he tried to top it and he treated everyone poorly to say the least. Other people urged me to come up with a revenge tactic so horrible that it would humble him to say the least. Finally I had it. This guy was crazy about his car and one night I dumped chili, a loaf of bread and split pea soup all over his interior and too make things worse a put in live mealworms to eat all of this and destroy the car. Lastly, I locked all of the doors and superglued nickels to all of the keyholes. I had help from all of my friends (who also hated him but never told him) to take him out somewhere for two hours two keep him busy. Well I was told that he broke down into tears when he saw the car and he had to bust a window to get in. I am one sick puppy.

Prank 3. I was bothered constantly by this kid in high school. Arguments were a frequent occurrence in the halls. He got me by sticking gum in my chair. Two days later I had the excellent prank for him. I bought a two foot long piece of the thickest chain I could get and a masterlock from the hardware store. I got to school with these supplies and waited quietly for him to arrive on bike. Soon after, he got there and set his bike on the rack. I waited until he left and tightly wrapped the chain around both his bike and the rack. I watched at the end of the day as he franticly tried to bust the lock. Finally he just left and walked home. The bike stayed there for an entire week and he walked to and from school,( he was late the whole week *evil laugh*)

I have many more pranks. If you want to hear them contact me on yahoo messenger. (ID: americanpsycho420) See ya later!

From Ron a.k.a. americanpsycho420

(Ron, you are quite the Shogun when it comes to revenge pranks. I would love to hear more of them. Send some more soon! I especially like the mealworm one. That is on some seriously "other" type sh*t. Oops, I'm not supposed to write cuss words. My bad! --


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