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Revenge Stories #52

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Revenge Story #52

I used to work for one of Southern California's biggest amusement parks (Not THE big one in Anaheim, we were the one a few miles away). Anyways, my supervisor and I never really got a long there. Finally after a year and a half of working there, he started accusing me of all sorts of things like vandalism and theft, and they suspended me while they "investigated" everything. So, I just quit. I figured a minimum wage job wasn't worth the hassle I was going through there, and I could easily find something better.

What my old boss didn't know, is that I was studying computer science, and was pretty good at programming computers. So, a few months after I had quit, I wrote this neat little computer program that paged several thousand people with their office phone number, followed by 911. I had their phone system tied up for hours! The best part was they knew it was me, but they couldn't prove anything! All of the calls that their office received came from separate phone numbers, and tracing those numbers would do no good because the people calling from there had no idea what was going on, and weren't involved. That was almost 2 years ago that I did that little prank. Occasionally, I will page 40-50 people like that again, just so my old supervisor still knows that I'm still thinking about him.

Here's some useful tips if you are good with a computer and want to try this on your own...

* Pager numbers are usually sold in blocks of 1,000 numbers, so if you know 1 pager number, you essentially know 1,000 of them.

* If you know which company owns the pager numbers, you can usually figure out the email address for the pagers. (For example, Airtouch pagers have the email address:

[10 digit pager number],

so you could page someone with the pager # 714-555-1212 by emailing If you have their email addresses, you can set up a loop to page 1,000 numbers in just a minute or two. If you can't figure out their email address, you can use a modem to manually dial each pager number. This takes about 10 seconds for each number, so it is much slower. You also probably have a bigger chance of getting caught if you do it this way, so be careful!

* When I paged my former boss, I was VERY careful not to get caught, because I know he would have pressed charges! To be careful, I sent the emails from a mail server that I had no connections to. I also used one of the free ISP's like Net Zero to connect to the mail server. Also, just to be safe, I ran the program from a laptop computer that was plugged into a data port at a local business (You know the ones I'm talking about, airports, luxury car dealers and some fast food restaurants have them so businessmen can check their email).

(You really know your stuff! And you know one of the top rules of getting revenge: always make sure that you cover your tracks enough so that you don't get caught. Do you have any other stories? I'd love to hear them. Oh yeah, great advice for the readers!--


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