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Revenge Stories #51

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Revenge Story #51

Hey, I love your site!

I'm still in high school, which sucks. But what sucks more is that I have a teacher that's practically Satan. My history teacher is a real ... witch. She gives us a lot of busy work, she's rude to everybody, and we have to do stupid assignments that take three hours to do (no kidding) and then she'll take fifteen points off your paper for not putting the title on it, crap like that. She is really into the whole romance novel thing and everything, and is very sex obsessed; likes to flirt with the boys. I live in Kansas, so there's not much to do, so my class sat around thinking up ways to torture this teacher. (She likes to leave the room for thirty minutes at a time -- we don't know where she goes or what she does, and none of us want to know).

We started taking things off her desk - small things, her post-it notes, things like that, and hiding them around the room in stupid places you would never put things. Like we hung her keys on the American flag and she spent twenty minutes looking for them when they were right in front of her face. Then one of the boys suggested that we put her things in places where she couldn't find them... she used to write all these notes for lectures in our class in this little green notebook. So one of the tallest people in the class waited until she left for half the class period, got up on a chair, moved a ceiling tile just enough to shove the notebook up into the ceiling, then replaced the tile. She never found it, and went just about crazy looking for it. From then on, the game has been "shove it up into the ceiling". She passed out a stack of detentions to our class (for misbehavior) and when we had signed them she took them up and put them in her gradebook. Of course, all of us pretended not to know where she put them, looking around the room etc. She made a big deal out of making it a secret where she put them. Once she left for her daily excursion, we stuck them in the ceiling.

The trick is to not put anything heavy on the tile, otherwise it'll cave and the teacher will automatically become suspicious.

The icing on the cake was one week where she was particularly mean to us. She made us write three different essays in one week on battles in the Civil War and the importance of them, etc. And we had a project due that week on Gettysburg and we had to recite the Gettysburg Address the next week, so we all were busy with that too. So we really decided to do something that would make her look stupid.

Our teacher is a coordinator for a bunch of groups in school, so a lot of teachers come in there at the beginning of the period when they know she's going to be there. One girl brought this really small, light handheld radio and turned it to a volume that's really low, but would only be heard by our teacher if she sits at her desk. It's at the far side of the room and she never talks to the teachers who come by her room when she's over there. This girl got the extra long life batteries and tuned the radio to a salsa type station where it was this annoying ballroom/tango dance music and put it in the tile above the teacher's desk. From then on, periodically, our teacher looks up from her desk and says, "Does anyone hear that music? It's driving me crazy! Where's it coming from!" And when teachers come in the room she gets up and asks them if they hear the music too...

The whole faculty at our school thinks she's a raving lunatic now, because the music irritates her so much she brings it up to them all the time in meetings. They haven't done anything about it because they think she's crazy. And all teachers have a performance review every year, and somehow, I think hers might not be so satisfactory next time around....he he he....


(Thanks for the compliment on the site! Katie, I don't know what impresses me more, the creative revenge or the fact that you wrote that entire story with no misspelled words! Heree at wee tak speling veri seriouslee! Ha! Keep up the great work and do your best to drive oddball of a teacher crazy!--


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