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Revenge Stories #50

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Revenge Story #50

My friend John (for the sake of his privacy, that's not his real name) had been visited by the local Crusaders Union once a day for the past week, and had kept putting them off with one excuse or another, only to have them return.

On this fine morning however, John received a dump truck full of firewood. All of it was sticky, heavy pine rounds that had to be split and stacked. For those of you who know what a chord is, it was about three and a half.

When the Crusaders came by, as he expected, John acted overjoyed. He exclaimed "Thank GOD!!! I was praying for some help!!!". And wouldn't you know it, after several hours of sweat, slivers, and blisters, a weeklong job was finished.

That evening, John had a soak in a nice hot bath to soothe his soar muscles as he scrubbed the pitch out of his skin. He was in incredible shape and was still tired after the day's workout, so he wondered how the less muscular, out of shape Crusaders felt. He never found out, because he never saw them again.

I hope you like it!


(Benn, of course I like it. That is a laugh! Isn't it funny how sacrilege can make for great humor sometimes? I need to get some of these "Crusaders." My lawn needs landscaped!--


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