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Revenge Stories #5

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Revenge Stories #5

Hey people. I love the site, it rocks!!! I have a good one for you guys, and it is not about my boyfriend either. Here we go. . . I worked at a sports apparel store-- (you know like Foot Locker, The Finish Line, etc.) I had only worked there for about three weeks and my manager was giving me a lot of s**t. I wasn't late, but I did talk on the job more than other people. I mean, come on! The job was in the mall and I am a popular person. It is only natural that my friends ware going to come in and talk to me.

Every time I would talk to my friends for more than one minute, my manager would shoot me a mean look and tell me to stop talking and do work. This pissed me off a lot because there was never any work to do besides talk to the customers. One day, I decided I had taken enough s**t from her and it was time to get revenge.

This manager prided herself on running a very efficient and quality store. The store's customer service rating were usually the highest in the region. That's where I would get her. I devised a great plan to not only hurt her ego, but also embarrass and terrorize her for an entire day. I talked to four of my crazier friends that have never come into the store before and asked them if they would help me out. Once they heard my plan, they agreed.

It was a Monday when the plan went into action. At 12:00pm, one of my friends came into the store and I got him a pair of shoes from the back. Then, I found my manager and told her that a customer wanted to talk to her. When she came out, she was greeted by a very pissed "customer." My friend went on and on about how crappy the service in the store was and how the pair of shoes he got were over priced and poor quality. After arguing for about two minutes and causing enough of a scene that the other customers in the store stared listening and paying attention, he threw the shoes in her face and stormed out of the shop. My manager was very embarassed and stressed because everyone saw and heard what happened. I had my three other friends come into the store that same day and do nearly the same thing. By the end of the day, my manager was very mad, emotionally hurt, and the store had lost quite a bit of goodwill. It was great!! That's what she get for being a bi**h!


Oh yeah, I like your site too!

(Alright Julie!!! Our first revenge story submitted by a woman! I love it. I worked in a sports apparel store years ago. It sucked.--


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