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Revenge Stories #49

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Revenge Story #49

Hi. Here's my story. My school principal was an arrogant show off who kept harassing me because of a disability I have while making out he was so good 'putting up with me'.

After 2 yrs of this stuff I was so fed up.

The final straw came was when he said I couldn't go to my end of year formal. His reason was because of bad behavior. When I asked him why he named a event that I had already been punished for... three times.

So I had had enough. My dress had cost 200 bucks and was nonrefundable. So I got the phone and found the address of the formal. I then rang up pretending to be my school principal and cancelled the booking and said they could keep the money. I also provided a school fax (faked)

Since the formal was near my house I hid to watch Everyone went in all dressed up only to find the formal was cancelled and the owner said the principal had cancelled it Since he was coming late they all blamed him and his office was bombarded with angry complaints and he couldn't figure out what was going on.

He lost a lot of respect. He deserved it.

(Again, I usually do not condone ruining a party unless you have to, 'cause I love to party. Whoooo! However, you had a good reason. Don't let people who are in authoritative positions abuse their power. The rumor is that those people abuse their power to compensate for sexual inadequacies. Just a theory!


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