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Revenge Stories #47

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Revenge Story #47

In high school everyone thinks that the boyfriend they are dating is the love of their life and the best friend is forever, NOT.

My so called best friend was sleeping with my boyfriend behind my back. The pain was so deep and I couldn't really do anything to pay both of them back and make it go away. After both of them denying it I finally caught them. I said forgive and forget.

I baked a chocolate cake for her birthday 3 mo. later, and gave it to her at work, a restaurant she worked at right up the road from where I worked. It was filled with chocolate Ex-lax, and she shared it with everyone that worked there. In the middle of lunch rush everyone had the runs, fighting for the bathroom, shitting all over themselves. It was a sweet revenge, until the older ladies got taken to the hospital because of dehydration.

I got 6 mo. probation for that and dropped the boyfriend; it shattered his world to this day 15 years later. It was worth every minute spent on probation. She paid for cost by new windshield wipers, and it's amazing what mothballs in a gas tank will do. There is no trace and it's like a virus. Once it's infected you spend so much money fixing it, and every time you put a new part on it and you crank your car well again it has the virus and never works again.

(Wow, I bet that was a "crappy" birthday! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I crack myself up with this stuff. That was a good story, but even better revenge. I am impressed. I want to hear more!--


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