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Revenge Stories #46

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Revenge Story #46

WELLL. . .

My best friend and I had gotton into a horrid fight. She was mad at me because I was a bad influence and I "do bad things". It was so terrible and we hated each other so much.

I was sitting on my computer one afternoon and instant messaged her pretending to be a guy. I asked her if she drinks and asked her things about her sex life. She lied to some stranger just to inpresss him! It was so pathetic, I told her to meet "me" (the guy) at my house for a party.

I sent her to some senior guy's house at like 12 and she knocked on his door and said "So, I am here to get drunk" He looked at her like an idoit and told her to go home.

On Monday when we got back to school, The convo was posted all over school reveiling her inner most "bad girl" It was so funny because she had set this strong picture perfect girl rep and then she asked some strange boy to get drunk!

She was so made fun of her parents put her in another school in a different district!

(Hey, that was a good payback story. Does anyone know that you were the one beind it? You're not a bad influence, you're fun. I like that!--


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