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Revenge Stories #45

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Revenge Story #45

When I get telephone sales calling me to speak to "The Manager" "The Managing Director" "The Production Manager" "The Person Responsible for. . " I ask what it is about, express interest in what they say and then say I will put them through to whoever they are asking for.

I then put the phone on "monitor mode" I can hear them through a speaker in the phone's base but they can't hear me. (I even get to hear them chat to the other telephone sales muppets in the office about bloody everything!!) I just leave the phone alone and continue with my work.

The longest someone has hung on is 7 minutes. When they hang up I hear the continuous tone, so I then also hang up. They hold for longer if you express interest prior to pretending to put them through. They never call back though !!! A GREAT REPELLENT !!!



(Groovy baby, Yeah! I like to Shag when they're on hold. Yeah!! Wil, do you like my Austin Powers impersonation? I figured you might be from England with you "bloody" lovely slang! Take it easy and thanks for the story!


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