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Revenge Stories #44

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Revenge Story #44

Well I have read some of the other ones and I admit they are damn funny! Especially the Vibrating Luxury Car. I can't wait to tell my friends about it! Well I have my own revenge story, although not as good as the others.

My sister and I get along really well now, but a little more than 3 years ago we were in the Dark Ages of our relationship. She was 16 and I was 20. To make things worse, we both were living at home at the time and my mom left on vacation to visit relatives in Ohio. Even worse for me, I was there without a car because I'd left my own car in Ohio, flying back instead of driving. My mom was to drive my car back, but until then, my sister and I had to share my mother's car.

When my mom left, my sis ran amuck. There was nothing I could do. She would have all kinds of wild parties: I would come home and there would be strange teenagers lying in MY BED passed out. Vomit in all kinds of places, okay?

My sister would disappear for days with the car, leaving me stranded. She acted like she had more priority to the car than I did, that and the phone. She used to talk on the phone for hours, literally. For me, it was best to just stay away from the house and spend time at my friend's house. One day, after she had really burnt me up, I decided that I was going to pay her back once and for all.

I changed the doorknob on the door to my bedroom, replacing it with one with an outside lock. Then, I grabbed all of the phones in the entire house, and threw them in my room. I locked the door, and disappeared with the car for three or four days!!! I know that she was probably stuck for quite some time before friends dropped by. I made sure not to take her calls at my friends house. My sister was so distraught about it all, she managed to call my mom (from a payphone no doubt!) in Ohio and complain about it!

It may not seem like much, but denying the phone from a sixteen year old is the ultimate revenge! Hee hee hee.


(Thanks Shan! That's a very creative and effective payback. You don't happen to be MC Shan from Snow's 1994 hit song "Informer," do you? You know-- "Informer me no say daddy me Snow man gonna change. Me licky boom boom down!" --


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