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Revenge Stories #42

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Revenge Story #42

I hope this good enough for you needs!

Since starting college, I find that telemarketers don't call around meal times (like they do at home), but call right when I have to leave for a class across campus.

If I have the time, I play my father's game of "Drive the Telemarketer Insane"--this typically involves asking really stupid questions, like what sex they are and what their sign is, or I'll ask them for their name, to spell it, their product's name, and to spell that as well. Anything to keep them from going on and on with their spiel. And if I don't have the time, I simply drop the phone (with the telemarketer still on the other end) on my bed and go to class. Needless to say, they're not there when I get back an hour or so later.

Another favorite method is a variation on the previous action: I place the phone in front of one my stereo speakers, crank the volume and hit play for the CD (Limp Bizkit works great!). It's juvenile, but who ever said having fun had to be mature?

(You are damn right, having fun doesn't have to be mature! Good telemarketer tip. Keep 'em coming!--


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